New Year’s Eve in Oslo

Our First Winter Sailing Trip

I had the Idea to celebrate New Year’s Eve on the Ju Mar. The first plan was to just have a beer on our boat in the Flensburg bay. The next thought was a trip South Funen Archipelago. It went on and on until Joscha had the Idea to sail non-stop to Oslo. To be honest it took us 3 stops to get there in the end.

First one was Laeso where we slept about 12 hours. The second stop was Kungshamn where we woke up with summer conditions and the third one on the magical Island Ramsö without anyone on it. We were lucky to have the good company of our friends Julia and Sarah. We also made this journey as a test run for the around the world trip. To check out if all systems work. It was a good thing since the batteries did die a couple of times and as a result the heater turned off. All in all, it was a beautiful trip without any bigger complications.

We finally arrived in Oslo 3 hours before midnight and had a wonderful celebration with new friends from other boats. Sarah and Julia left us in Oslo and flew back to Hamburg and Joscha and I sailed back to Flensburg with only one pitstop in Anholt. Our final thoughts: a lot of people said we would be crazy to sail during winter time to Norway, but then again it was breathtakingly beautiful all the way through! Now go out and enjoy the world, Niklas

Trip Information:

  • Stops: Flensburg, Laeso, Kungshamn, Ramsö, Oslo, Anholt
  • Covered Distance: 750nm
  • Crew: Joscha, Niklas, Julia, Sarah